03/22/2011 | Venice, Italy

Cluster workshop in Europe

This cluster workshop will follow-up on the series of workshops that was held in November 2010 in Korea. It will include a trip to clusters/competency networks in the Veneto region.
The second KORANET Cluster Workshop was held in Venice on 22 March 2011 and it had the aim to:
• exchange information about the different cluster models in Europe and in Korea
• explore possible supporting schemes/initiatives to foster the cooperation
• pave the way for setting up concrete linkages among European and Korean clusters

The workshop was targeted to cluster representatives, practitioners, experts and the KORANET partners. KORANET organised such a focused “cluster workshop” as clusters are a strategic tool to boost innovation and to foster economic growth. Clusters can also pave the way for a common policy exchange amongst innovation stakeholders and form the basis of sustainable transnational cooperations.

The diversity of concepts, policy approaches and governance schemes of clusters within the EU is very extensive and can hinder the establishment of such cooperation. Therefore, in order to overcome this knowledge barrier and go ahead with a more pragmatic approach, it is worth to share the different frameworks and discuss together how to proceed with the next steps.

That is the reason why in the first part of the workshop, Korean and EU experts introduced different cluster approaches while in the second part the discussion was stimulated through a moderated round table.
After the workshop clusters visits in the Veneto region allowed partners and experts to deepen their knowledge on clusters.

The workshop report is available here

 KORANET speakers  Workshop audience


Agenda and presentations

9.00-9.15 Welcome address, Veneto Region - Veneto Innovazione

9.15-9.30 Welcome address, Mr Tai Surp Joe, Ministry for Education Science and Technology

9.30-9.50  The Technopoles initiative in the Piedmont Region (Marco Mangiantini, UnionCamere Piemonte)

9.50- 10.10 The Korean Cluster approach (Sun-Geun Kim, Daejeon University)

10.10-10.30  The German Cluster approach or a research driven cluster (Frank Jäckel, deENet)

10.30-10.50  Clusters and Cluster Policies in Turkey (Erkan Erdil, Middle East Technical University)

10.50-11.10 The Innovation Cluster (Deok-Soon Yim, Gyeonggi Research Institute)


11.30-11.50  Refricold, an industry driven cluster (Roberta D’Orazio, Confindustria Padova)

11.50-12.10  A Science and Technology Park as cluster, an UK experience (Jan Hilton, Manchester Science Parks)

12.10-12.30  Industrial Complexes as clusters, a Korean experience (Hyeyoung Cho, Korea Industrial Complex Corporation)#

12.30-12.50  How to facilitate international cooperation among clusters? (Peter Hahn, VDI/VDE Innovation)

12.50-13.10 French Clean Tech Clusters (Sophie Costedoat, French Ministry of Economy, Finances and Industry)


14.00 – 15.30  ROUND TABLE: Toward international cluster cooperation (Moderator: Marco Mangiantini, UnionCamere Piemonte)

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